• Law Review Article  "To avoid the conviction for second-degree murder that otherwise naturally would flow from such an admission—and thereby to ensure at least a reduction of the charge to first-degree or voluntary manslaughter—Chen’s lawyer, Stewart Orden, devised a defense strategy that included the traditional argument..." (Page 5, middle paragraph) The Chen case received immediate attention worldwide, and spurred study for years in the academic community. 
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  • Cultural Defense 
  • Chinese Killer Goes Free
  • Civil Rights  City settles for record amount! Stewart Orden has litigated virtually every type of conflict. In representing a sanitation worker suffering from the emotional abuse of co-workers, Stewart Orden replaced an attorney whose practice was devoted to representing victims of sexual harassment. At the time Mr. Orden took over the case, trial was near, and the City of New York had offered a settlement of Fifty Thousand Dollars. Upon entering the case, Mr. Orden promptly demanded Three Hundred Thousand Dollars, an amount the City had never expended in a case of this kind. Following four depositions and one trial conference with the presiding Federal Judge, before whom Mr. Orden had won a significant victory in a racketeering case, the City of New York settled for the entire amount demanded.
  • News Securities - Reuters  "A former vice president of finance at Candie's Inc. has settled allegations he participated in a senior management scheme to inflate two years of financial results at the shoe designer, U.S. regulators said on Monday...."This is just one example of the White Collar Criminal practice and success this firm has enjoyed over the years. Many of these clients remain anonymous, and their cases have been settled without the notoriety and attention that some have garnered---to the delight of our clients. This firm was able to negotiate a settlement with the SEC on behalf of this client and avoid any criminal prosecution whatsoever.
  • MoMA's mob connections - MoMA's Shed Tapes - Carl Carrara "Stewart Orden, Carrara's attorney, pleading for bail, described such language as “puffery” and pointed out that it had been almost twenty years since his client had been convicted of a violent crime....". Mr. Carrara was accused of serious and multiple federal offenses lined to organized crime. At a bail hearing tape recordings were played by the government, wherein it was alleged that Mr. Carrara made vicious and extremely violent threats. Notwithstanding the tape recordings played for the Judge and over the strong objections of the government, Mr. Orden was able to gain his release from custody.  
  • Appellate reversal  "A DETECTIVE'S expert testimony at trial about the way drug dealers operate in Washington Heights has led to the reversal by a federal appeals court of a drug-related firearms conviction of two men.... "Mr. Orden’s practice has long included the representation of clients at the appellate level in federal and state courts. This is just one example of that rare reversal in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals which gained front page coverage in the New York Law Journal.
  • Dominguez Case (2, 3, 4, 5) - "Every single day for the last two years, Jose Dominguez says, the killing of his son has hung on his mind like a dark cloud. And every day for more than a year, he has lived with the consequences of a single moment, when he pulled out a gun and shot his son's killer in the back on the steps of the Bronx County Courthouse...."Jose Dominguez shot his son’s killer two times in the back on the Supreme Court steps in front of hundreds of onlookers. Stewart Orden gained his acquittal after a three week trial.
  • Dong Lu Chen Case (2, 3, 4, 5, The Manhattan Lawyer)- In 1989 Dong Lu Chen was accused of murdering his wife after beating her over the head seven times with a claw hammer. Stewart Orden gained an acquittal of his client and his release from prison utilizing for the first time in any courtroom a defense predicated upon his client's culture. Mr. Orden has since been consulted by academics and lawyers from all over the world regarding this defense.
  • Drahgi Case "Three St. John's University students pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges that they sexually assaulted another student after pressuring her to drink vodka at an off-campus house...."
  • Nieves discrimination settlement  "The city has agreed to pay a former garbage truck driver $ 300,000 to settle a claim that she was sexually harassed and psychologically tormented by her male co-workers, it was revealed yesterday...."


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